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Divergent vs Weird

Crow with berry

When I went to see Catching Fire one of the previews was Divergent which I had never heard of.  It caught my eye because apparently it is about a girl in a future time where everyone tests to be directed into where they belong in society.  Immediately I thought of the UN directive coming down through our local Chambers of Commerce called “Work Ready”. The program does not yet actually categorize into groups, but it reeks of aiming toward mass production of worker bees. I took the test because it is a semi requirement when you are on unemployment.  I tested into the silver group & apparently gold is the optimum & you are encouraged to keep testing for gold. I refused because the test is ridiculous & does not measure any type of analytic thinking – just robotic action/reaction.

My second thought as the preview revealed that she was labeled a “Divergent” because she fell into too many categories making her a threat to the governing faction was how the first time I took the MBTI test I was working in inmate mental health in a correctional facility & was curious what personality type I would test into. I came out with an even score of 44 in 4 different types. When I remarked to the prison behavioral specialist I obviously screwed the test he calmly stated I did not mess up, but I am just a very complex person. My answer was heck I did not need to take a test to know that. My favorite of the 4 is the INFJ because only 1% test into that type & it is the type most apt to have extra-sensory perceptions. I’ve taken the test many times since because it is part of a lot of job interviews as I’ve moved around in contract jobs. Always I test with a foot in all 4 camps & all 4 end in J. I suspect it was part of the reason my forensic psychology profile bombed me out of the final stage of a 6 month long & laborious employment process when on a whim I wanted to get back into the local pd. I went out to use the rest room & was told the psych would call for me in order to get back into the locked room & he never did come so we never got to discuss my test. Of course the other part of forensic psych is the older you are the higher your score for life stressors which is part of why you see so many baby faced new hires. That & I was too honest when he asked if I have ever considered suicide. I answered yes, but the rest of the story is I have no fear of death since I was 8 & when you have a valedictorian son needing GA Tech tuition & you’re on single income the practical thing is to consider life insurance. I would have followed my instinct except someone told me life insurance never paid for suicide. By the time I found out in marketing management classes that only a 2 year restriction is allowed the moment had passed.

My take away from the movie preview is instead of being weird I can now refer to myself as being divergent which digests better. God delivers gifts in strange places – this time in a movie theater.  I also identified with Katniss from the beginning of the first Hunger Games book because we share the penchant for climbing through fences no matter how they are marked if we want to get on the other side

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