How We Are Being Indoctrinated Into The Thought Police Agendas

Can someone explain to me why the more morally depraved this country becomes the more it insists on manners on demand. No one can speak their mind about anything without the pansy patrol demanding an apology leveraged with instant defamation by the media for anyone who fails to comply. Actually apologies are only partially acceptable because defamation is the byword of the day and the liberal media outlets are in competition to see who can destroy someone first. I was raised to be a lady and manners were always a top priority in my family, but we did not insist on being the thought police for the world. After all the First Amendment guaranties freedom of speech and respect for our freedoms was equal priority. This man spoke his thoughts and emotions, but he did not actually harm or even threaten anyone. If he wants to come back with a cool down apology fine, but it should not be a requirement. Could we all please just stand up and be the proud, brave Americans we were born to be and stop all this thin skinned hunt for offense on every word uttered in public or printed or tweeted, or posted, or anything else. We’ve become a nation of thought police because you have to change what someone thinks before you can change their expressed opinions. A world where every word and every action is examined for any ounce of offense is a pansy world and I for one don’t want to live there. Offense is sort of like germs. The only way to build up an immunity is by contact.
California Chrome owner Steve Coburn apologizes for post-race rants
California Chrome owner Steve Coburn has apologized for his post-race rants following his horse’s failed bid to win the…
This was my FB post on 6/9/14.  After one commenter expressed her opinion that he should apologize because he was just like the liberals – always blaming someone else,  I added this comment:
I don’t think it matters if he was right or wrong. It was his opinion at the moment and he should be allowed to express it. I personally have never agreed with the Triple Crown rules. If they are going to link the 3 races together then fresh horses should not be allowed in. The main reason they allow them in is because it widens the betting odds. Even when I was jockeying and training I had to admit that the sport runs on gambling. It’s just like Las Vegas. Everything at the track is cheap because they need the jockeys, grooms & trainers to provide the means to their end. We could stay in the track dorms for $30 for the entire season and shed row rent was very reasonable. It is pure organized crime vice and the para mutual system is party to the vice. Most of them have no real appreciation of the horses as the valuable athletes they are. To them they are just the means to an end. When we try to limit any verbal expression that is not obscene or threatening then we are limiting that persons thoughts. In my book that equates to thought police and we are cooperating with establishment of their agenda.

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