Tea Total Tidbits 7-3-17

I did not have to work today so I fell back asleep after I turned on the 6:00 A.M. talk radio show I follow.  A friend called at 7:30 to ask “Who is Richard?”.  After I recognized the voice I had not heard in months I countered, “Haven’t you heard him before?  He calls in almost every day.”

“I thought you might know him because you call in a lot right after his call.”

“Actually, I once offered a $50.00 reward to anyone who would rat him out because I think I deserve to know who I am listening too.”

“Does the host know him?”

“He swears he does not, as did his predecessor before him.”

“Is Richard his real name?”

“It’s just a name we gave him & now we call him Richard Marx because he sounds so much like Karl we thought he needed that last name.”

“He also says he is a millionaire, but I don’t buy it because as much as he likes to brag he would not have waited two years calling in before he made that announcement.”

I would have followed with my belief that he is a fake persona all around because I’m a pretty good profiler & the persona he portrays is all over the board & impossible to profile, thereby indicating it’s fake.  However, I had made my way out to my stable to feed my horse & the next door train decided to pass through so conversation sort of got off track while I begged a temporary pause.  Post train, I intended to add that he used to annoy me, but now I just appreciate that he lessens my research time because he is a plethora of Left Wing Lib/Progressive/Marxist dialogue fast tracked for daily deliverance.  Between him & Alexa’s morning Flash Briefings I get a pretty good gist of what is percolating in the Lib/Progressive/Marxist world.   (Yes, Alexa is one of them too, evidenced by the fact her flash briefings are courtesy of NPR & she always gives me weather for some city in Egypt because she can’t understand or pronounce Hahira.  Actually the weather is not too far off even though she can’t pronounce that Southern town correctly either.  Amazon insists that if I don’t insist on erasing our conversations which she insists on recording that she will learn my Southern dialect.  Nice try Amazon.  You probably have some cloud vault, but I will still manually delete what I can via my  Alexa controls.)  One of these days I’m going to penetrate & uncover the Richard persona too.  In the meantime I’ll balance my curiosity with appreciation for the anonymous, but current Marxist info.

Today was day 1 of my 7 Day Tea Detox Diet which requires at least 5 cups of a variety of teas and only 1 restricted meal a day.  It was supposed to begin with a cup of tea followed by an early morning walk which I intended to happen at 5:30.  Sort of didn’t happen because I drank tea last night, which kept me up til 4:00 A.M. even though it wasn’t caffeinated.  I can fall asleep with a cup of caffeinated coffee in my hand, but tea wires me.  I brewed my tea & called into the radio station to ask what Richard had said that initiated my re-wake up phone call.  It was something about Walmart being a Marxist corporate devil that denies employees fair minimum wages.  You know – the usual Marxist rhetoric about wealthy corporations being obligated to share their wealth.  Actually I can agree with Walmart being a Marxist anti-Capitalist devil, but not for the reasons he recites.  Having worked inside the accounting department of a Walmart supplier I am an insider to how they manipulate suppliers to topple competitors & create vast monopolies, which can’t be tagged to the Walmart name because the money is laundered through the suppliers.  The Walton brothers tried to keep it honest, but once you grow beyond your ability to keep tabs on & control your greedy middle management it’s all downhill integrity wise.  Because they can buy in bulk & keep so much product diversity under one roof, plus manipulate a lion’s share of competition, they are most often the wisest choice price wise.  I always call it “Taking Spoils from Egypt” just like in the Bible.

Finally, tea downed & iPhone with the talk radio streaming app blaring in my pocket, Bella on leash & sunglasses safely in place I hit the streets shortly before 9:00 A.M.  Hot City!!!! – Southern Style. Bet I don’t miss 5:30 in the morning.  The artillery style hinged knee brace intended to extend the knee replacement delay until I can balance my surgeon’s schedule with my work schedule, the Zodiac window (most important) and my Physical Therapist out of state daughter’s work schedule (because she wants to be present to assist my first post op recover week).  That’s looking like maybe January 2018, so the black torture device will be my companion in the meantime.  Guess how much fun black almost kevlar strength neoprene is in S GA summer which extends well into Fall & sometimes mid-Winter.  Not to mention the frustration of taking the same amount of time to walk 1 mile that I used to jog 3 miles.

The pity party was full blast midst the flowing sweat when suddenly it hit me that what I needed was a take away victory of some kind.  And there it was.  If I can only walk that means I can’t jog again until after my knee replacement & therefore I do not have to wear a bra for my daily mileage.  Oh sweet Jesus (no disrespect felt or intended) for the first time since I was 9 years old I can now ditch the extra heat device while exercising (at least until its cool enough to value layering).   I’ll still aim for 5:30, but even that will be cooler with my newly recognized clothing free pass.  I still can’t toss the shirt, which was also my pre- 9 year old habit.  That was another early onset milestone in my realization that it is & always will be a man’s world because they never have to forego naked chest bliss & summer heat reprieve.  It may get restricted, but never completely surrendered.

Bella and I finished our hot mile & returned to the cool of our cave with me savoring my new found, mood enhancing knowledge for the future.  And then – I reached to take off my sunglasses & realized I’d walked every step in the bright sun wearing my reading glasses.  It appears that my future holds a lot of surprises, some new & some just various versions of not recognizing which pair of glasses I’m wearing.give me patience


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