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Return To Racing? 9-12-20

Bella & I finished the Barc 5K last Saturday. When we went out to the truck to leave there was a large tree branch stuck in the undercarriage I apparently picked up on my way home from giving Picasso his meds the night before. I never realized it was there, but it was pouring noisy rain & I was very tired from a long day at work. I wondered if it had been there all the way from my cross terrain drive to his barn. By the time I dislodged it I was frustrated & running late. We were pre-registered, but still had to check in & actually started several minutes after every one else started. Then I realized it was cross country instead of a road course & my titanium twin knees still rely on the old collateral ligaments who never liked cross country after a jockey accident trauma in 81. I’m trying to re-educate them to robo knee precision, but it’s a work in progress. Note to self – never pre-register for any road race without verifying it’s not cross country. Racing on two legs or four always carries a must finish what you start creed so we ran the course. Bella was a trooper & 3.1 miles is a long way on 6 inch legs. We only paused for her to grab a drink of water mid way. Hate the finish line pics because I’m still working on shaping back up after years of forced no running, but proud of my girl so posting anyway.

I started running back in the 70’s to maintain jockey weight & my big brother & I have met for the Atlanta Peachtree, the Charleston Cooper River Bridge Run & other places over the years to run together many times. It’s 40 plus years later & we are 69 & 73 & both still logging mileage. He’s retired so he puts in 10 – 15 walk/run miles every day. I don’t have the time & re-educating robo knees after years of not being able to run at all so I’m envious, but glad for his dedication. He’s actually participating in a 15 mile race this Saturday in SC & often does 50 mile & longer events in the mountains. Hopefully we will get to meet to share courses sometime soon when they stop cancelling most events.

My knee surgery team said absolutely no running ever on my new knees somewhere between surgery # 1 & # 2. Too late. I’d already started chalking up mileage & feeling the joy of returning to free movement of the wild which can’t be duplicated on any equipment in any gym. I gave up jockeying which was heaven on earth forward movement & running is all I have left. I also subscribe to totality of facts & circumstances so although I greatly respect my surgery team they don’t get the last word. The longest human trial available only lasted 7 years & showed no artificial knee joint damage with considerable supporting soft tissue gains. The American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons officially states running is to be discouraged. I think we all know my opinion of any organized medical group especially in light of the current Fiat Fauci & Friends / Hydroxychloroquine debacle of lies, murder & mask mayhem.

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