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Since this is supposed to be my year of discovery I am using this blog as a semi journal of what I observe in the topside world and in the netherworld of dreams.  Throughout the years I have had a recurring dream scape that involves horses that have been part of my past.  The recurring theme is suddenly realizing that one or more of these horses are in a location not in my immediate control and I suddenly realize that I have forgotten them and for a period of time they have not been fed or watered.  It is a distressing dream and it took much soul searching and listening to voices of my old soul to realize the meaning.  The horse has a netherworld meaning associated with our innate persona controlled by the instincts society demands we abandon.  I have learned to respect this recurring dream as a reminder that I have a responsibility to God to protect this innate persona He entrusted to me, which always necessitates a time of travel in the netherworld to seek restoration.  These excursions are always accompanied with much stress in my topside world as an anchor because it is in my nature to favor the netherworld.  Without the pull to survival in the topside I would without a doubt willingly forget my way back.  I am currently pretty much maxed out with stressors in the topside, so I am hoping if I complete my restoration cycle in the nethers I won’t need so much anchoring on the topside.

This time my horse dream occurred in two parts for the first time.  I guess you could call it a sequential dream with a topside week in between.  In the first part I allowed someone I really did not know to trailer Picasso from his near pasture to another location where I was assured he would be well boarded.  I agreed to this because in the dream it was pointed out to me that my busy schedule was not allowing much time for him and he would get more attention in the new stable arrangement.  That part I dream was perplexing, but not really distressing like the others.

Then came Part II which occurred Friday night.  As before a chance conversation brought a sudden realization that I had not really vetted the person that took him or the stable agreement.  When I asked if that person had not assured me that the stable board included feed and water he looked at me like I was crazy.  A horse can live for weeks without feed.  It may not be pretty, but they can survive.  However, a week is way too long for a horse to go without water and I have seen a prized stallion die because the designated caretaker did not check his water when the owner was on vacation.  It only took 4 days of no water.  Always in the past the horses in the dream were no longer in my life so the distress of the dream was tempered by return to the topside and the drive to seek restoration was intentioned but not so intense.   This sequeled dream was ever so much more intense.  Like always the answers were not in the dream thus prompting the nether journey.  But this time the answers seem much more needed because the chosen horse icon is my current soul mate.   The goal is always reclamation of my innate God given persona from whomever or whatever I have  surrendered it to.  I’m old & tired of testing, but I will make the journey.  The call is always to the near duty and the journey is accomplished one duty at a time.  I must restore food and water to my innate me which also means protection of the pineal gland and the pituitary gland.

If you’re not a Watcher you can call me crazy or anything else you like.  I was name proofed several journeys ago.






Can we trust our warrior spirits to stand firm in the face of evil?  Are we connected to the source that sits above the playing field?  When the true tests come will we have feet of clay or will we be shod with steel.  Will our feet be bare or will they flash the silver spur of battle?  Wake and ride for the darkness cometh.  Study by the light of day and grow strong by the lesser light of night.  Gather with your pack, study the signs that grow dim to mortal eye.  Rest for a moment while seasons turn upon the winds of our homeland.  The evil darkness seeks to dilute our heritage born on tattered fields of valor.  Listen to the voices on the wind.  Know that life without freedom is a pretty lie and honor calls some to die,  Deep in the heart find your own true way.  Listen to the voices from within.  Touch what our fathers touched and hear their pleas.  Tear down some bridges and build only those that will lead where we need to go.   Seek peace, but not at any price.  Choose a culture where each is authentic and where courage reaches beyond what is too easily grasped.  Let reason be your right footing and passion be your left stride.   Boldly march and ride through the fires of transformation and do not stumble midst the ashes of feudal lore.  Do not cringe or beg or plead for what is already yours or blend too neatly into the collective bog of spiritless conformity.  Integrity must rule above the indignity of blind compromise.  Adapt, but do not surrender your Spirit.  Strengthen your psychic muscle and stand.

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